If you are planning for your wedding day then you might have considered organising a surprise ceremony to add a special touch to the day. Maybe you also want to avoid all the hassle that always happen when someone is getting married and would rather people just come and enjoy the day.

If you are organising a surprise wedding then you need to keep a few important things in mind and here are five important things to take care of in preparation for the special day.

1. Make Sure No One Will Get Upset

MB900442353 5 Things To Consider Before Throwing A Surprise WeddingWhen you are planning a surprise wedding party you need to really consider if everyone attending will take the surprise positively. Your parents might especially feel like they have been left out of something and can feel sad about your surprise. Thus it might be best to let them in on your secret.

If you also have children you might want to explain to them beforehand to ensure it won’t be an issue on the day. Sometimes people might get upset because they feel like they haven’t done enough or haven’t been able to provide you with a gift.

You can explain in a speech during the ceremony your reasons for a surprise wedding and how you hope people understand this is what you really wanted.

2. Focus On Your Cover Story

Make sure your cover story sounds natural but doesn’t give away too much. Emphasise how much you two want all of your guests to attend to ensure people understand something big is going to happen on the day.

3. Carefully Consider The Venue And Food

When you are holding a surprise wedding it is still essential to focus on the venue. You don’t want it to give away your secret but you must ensure you are able to have the wedding vows exchanged in it as well as organise the after party. The best thing is to have just one venue, which is able to work on both occasions.

Think about the food as well. This is mainly a problem if you don’t know how many guests might be attending. Best way is ask your guests to inform if they are attending the party on your invite.

4. Take Care Of The Legal Paperwork

Even though you are throwing a surprise wedding you still need to ensure you look after all the legal requirements. Wendy Haynes recommends taking care of all of the paperwork well before the wedding day to ensure your surprise party won’t end up in a disaster.

Try to keep the paper work hidden so that family and friends visiting don’t notice unless they are already in on your secret.

5. Don’t Forget The Rings

As well as taking care of the paperwork you should also remember to buy the wedding rings before the ceremony. You can buy jewelry at Men’s Tungsten Online if you want to get something a little different for your wedding bands. Remember that you can take care of the engraving on the rings before or after the ceremony.

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Author : Eliza loves to throw parties and is especially in love with anything related to weddings. She is constantly looking for new party ideas and ways to surprise her friends. She is also a passionate swimmer.

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